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Baton Rouge, LA is home of the LSU Tigers - a.k.a. Red Stick, Capital City

  • Louisiana governor Huey P. Long had the H.P. Long Bridge in Baton Rouge built too low to the water on purpose, so ships would have to dock and unload in the city instead of passing through, making Baton Rouge a crucial port city. Very Sneaky!

  • Football games at LSU can get so loud that in 1988, a home game’s final pass charged the crowd of 80K to cheer so loud that a seismograph in the LSU campus about 1K feet away from the actual stadium registered it as an earthquake.

  • Baton Rouge actually is French for “red stick,” a name given after a bloody pole that held the heads of dead animals. It marked the boundary between two tribal hunting grounds back in the day... Legit!