Custom Orders

Here at Aviate, we like to make things happen.  We also like to make things.  So let's kill two birds with one stone and get you some custom hats.  Please fill out this form in its entirety, and we will get back with you as soon as we can!  If you would like multiple custom hats, please fill out this form again for each custom hat you'd like.  Keep in mind that this is a REQUEST form, and your request has to be approved by the Aviate team before we proceed with the custom order process.

There are only three requirements for custom orders:

  • 72 hat minimum of the same code, same color
  • 50% of the total payment is due at the time the order is placed, and the remaining 50% is due once the hats are received
  • You/your organization will be responsible for providing city nickname(s) and 3 entertaining facts about the city for the hat hang tags if your request is approved

We are currently NOT taking custom orders right now.  Check back later, please.  Thanks!