Looking for the thrill of a lifetime?  FlyNYON is a doors-off helicopter photo experience.  Ever thought of flying around your favorite city with your feet hanging out of a helicopter while taking the best photos you'll probably ever take in your life?  Maybe not, but now you won't be able to get it out of your head.  FlyNyon offers flights in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

Aviate has the privilege of creating gear for the FlyNYON pilots and team to wear as well as cobranded product that FlyNYON carries in their gift shops.

Maho Shades are our in-state pals down in Orange Beach, AL.  They could never find high quality polarized lenses paired with high quality, retro frames, so they founded Maho.  Every pair is designed on the Gulf Coast for life on the water, inspired by travel and architecture, and handmade in family-run factories.

We teamed up with Maho to create collaborative OBA (Orange beach) hats as well as a fresh new pair of shades.  Stay shady, my friends.


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