GLV - Galveston, TX

Designer: AVIATE LLC

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Galveston, TX a.k.a The Oleander City, The Comeback Queen, Galvez-Town

Did you know...

  • Galveston is actually an island.  It's about 27 miles long and 2 and a half miles at its widest.  It was nicknamed 'The Comeback Queen' after the devastating hurricane of 1900.  Still the largest natural disaster to date.
  • It was the first city in Texas to have light.  In 1856, light was powered by gas until 1883 when they became the first city in Texas to have electrical lights too.  They were also first in Texas to have a telephone.
  • Tina Knowles was born in Galveston... You may recognize her as the fashion designer that created House of Dereon, OR as Queen Mama of the Beyhive.