LAL - Lakeland, Florida Hat

Designer: Aviate Brand

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Color: Navy

Lakeland, FL a.k.a. Swanstation

Did you know...
  • Sports fans will recognize Lakeland as the long-time Spring Training headquarters of the Detroit Tigers, who began training there in 1934.
  • Lakeland itself hosts several seasonal events and festivals. In April, thousands of aviation fans flock to the city to participate in one of the world's largest aviation events: the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In.
  • Lakeland's most famous residents are the swans floating on Lake Morton and other city lakes. The swans moved in back in 1923, but predators and diseases wiped out the native population by 1954. A former Lakeland resident living in England heard about it and wrote to Queen Elizabeth II for help. She allowed the city to import two royal swans, and the 80 or so living here today are descendants of that pair.