OMA-Omaha, NE Hat

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OMA - Omaha, NE aka The Big O, River City, Home of the College Baseball World Series
1.  Former Broncos QB Peyton Manning famously loved yelling "Omaha" at the line of scrimmage to signal when the snap was coming to his teammates and simultaneously confuse the defense.  Not sure if the city's PR department has hopped on this or not, but they need to. 
2.  Bar owners are legally required to also be brewing soup while they're selling beer.
3.  Warren Buffet is from The Big O!  If you bought into Berkshire Hathaway early on, you sir or madam, are probably a very rich person.  Now worth over $200,000 a share, in 1962 Buffet bought into the then textile firm for $7 a share.