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RIC - Richmond, VA aka the Capital of The Commonwealth of Virginia 
1. Patrick Henry's 1775 "Give me liberty or give me death" speech was give at St. John's church in Richmond. This is the ultimate mic-drop.
2. Edgar Allen Poe, the favorite creepy writer for intellectuals everywhere, grew up in Richmond. 
3. If the Richmond State Capitol has a striking resemblance to something, it's because it was designed like the U.S. Supreme Court Building. 
4. Are you ready for this? Richmond has been named: Best river-city to live in, Best street art in the world, Best affordable place to vacation, Most fun and affordable U.S. city, Best Historical U.S. destination, Top 10 for up and coming entrepreneurs, Top 10 best places to celebrate The Fourth of July, and finally, because this list must end, Richmond is a top city for keeping New Year's Resolutions. Be Better, Richmond. You can't.