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Tulsa, OK a.k.a Buckle of the Bible Belt, Oil Capital of the World

  • Ever wonder what it’s like at the center of the universe? Come to Tulsa to find out. The Center Of The Universe in Tulsa makes up a total of about eight feet in diameter of brick. When you stand in the circle and make a noise, that noise will echo back to you many times louder than the original sound. But those standing outside the circle can’t hear a thing that goes on inside.
  • Because of a state law banning tattoos, it’s been illegal to get a tattoo in Tulsa since 1963. But many tattooists in Tulsa openly practice, some advertising their services as “tattoo removal.”
  • Mmm-Bop.. Your favorite band "Hanson" hails from the city of Tulsa.

Color: Maroon